ENFINT is an international company that creates IT platforms for a digital business transformation, helping our customers gain sustainable competitive advantages in the digital era.

We focus on custom application development and implement core applied IT solutions for the most challenging industries worldwide. We deliver our projects using state-of-the-art technologies, enabling best combination of efficiency, scalability and robustness.

Our industry and technical expertise, enhanced by our own software accelerators, allows us to solve business tasks of any complexity. Leading companies from 20+ countries in Europe, Asia and Africa trust us and 9 of 10 clients continue collaborating with us after the first project.
Our Customers
9 out of 10 clients stay with us after the first project
More than 100 financial institutions worldwide with 12+ trillion $ of assets
30+ large retailers, manufacturers, logistics and agricultural companies in 10+ countries
World’s leading Fintech software vendors serving 10 000+ financial institutions globally

Global reach

Our customers are more than thirty financial
organizations, 11 of which are the largest banks
of the top 100 global banks from 20+ countries
in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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