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Adoption of AI in financial services

According to a recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 85% of IT banking leaders have a "clear strategy" for adopting AI in developing new products and services. The survey also shows that more banks are leveraging data from customers' digital activity to predict credit risk and personalize services. By using machine learning techniques, banks can conduct real-time analysis of customer transactions to accurately calculate default risks. Source: https://impact.economist.com/perspectives/sites/default/files/aiinfinancialservices.pdf

ENFINT offers innovative solutions to customers based on advanced machine learning techniques for measuring the impact of crisis scenarios on key performance ratios of banks. Their ML-based solution helps to reduce interest rate risk by providing hedges based on market data and balance sheet dynamics. It also manages and optimizes the credit portfolio by forecasting default impacts on provision amounts.

To learn more about ENFINT's innovative solutions for finance and banking, visit https://enfint.tech/finance#rec526692997